next show is:

28.09.13 18h Sommerabschiedfest Paste (Pasteurstr. 33), Potsdam with the girl the gun


next shows are:

14.08.2013 20:00 Uhr brakkers: St.Halvardsgt.27, Oslo with Drømmedolker and Redd Wood

16.08.13 22h Blitz, Pilestredet 30e, Queer Festival 2013


next show is:

25.05.2013 12:00 Uhr sielwallhaus, bremen
'All You Can Eat' – Soli-Brunch für/von KOP Bremen

All You Can Eat – Soli-Brunch für/von KOP Bremen Flyer 'All You Can Eat’ – Soli-Brunch für/von KOP Bremen (click on image to enlarge)


next show is:

10.04.2013 20h fs115, (fährstr. 115) Hamburg with ellen koyote (oslo)
before the concert: 19h küfa (küche für alle / food)


next show is:

08.03.2013 23h Kabale, Göttingen (for flt*)


next show is:

18.02.2013 20h theaterbremen with party paranoia (hb)


next shows are:

14.07.2012 20h wagenplatz göttingen with guns`n´gänseblümchen (duo with drum and guitar and 2 voices...something between emo-rock, noise-rock, power-pop, post-punk from göttingen and le mans)

21.07.2012 20h altes sportamt bremen again with the wonderful guns`n´gänseblümchen


the tour with llamame la muerte is over. we had a great time and if you don´t know them yet check them out!

next show I´m gonna play is:
saturday june 9th 17h, schwarzer kanal, berlin, with the totally amazing wonderful slux!


from april 26th till may 12th I will be on tour with llamame la muerte which is awesome! check "gigs" to find out where we play.

awry pattern and llamame la muerte tourposter awry pattern and llamame la muerte tourposter (click on image to enlarge)